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What in the world is Lomography??

Lomography [n]

A term for an approach to photography that emphasizes casual snapshots, sponteneity, ubiquity, RANDOMNESS, and close-ups, rather than being concerned with the technicalities, aesthetics, and the conventional world of photography. The ‘attitude’ revolves around THREE KEY ELEMENTSthe lomo camera, the lomographer, and the method of taking pictures.

That’s right! No-rules-RANDOM-fun led by generally zany, itchy fingers that can’t help but click that shutter.
So squeeze that overflowing
creativity of yours today and create your very own artpieces with a camera, some light(optional) and EVERYTHING around you!

The History of Lomography

It was in the early 1990s when two students in Vienna, Austria, discovered a small enigmatic Russian camera, the Lomo Kompakt Automat, and started a new style of artistic experimental photography of unorthodox snapshots. In the blink of an eye the Lomographic message spread around the planet and people from North to South were screaming for Lomo LC-A’s. So they hopped on a plane, flew to St. Petersburg and negotiated a contract for the worldwide distribution of this fantastic little camera. Then everything happened quickly.
Lomography the community was set up, creating the

10 Golden Rules of Lomography

  1. Take your camera everywhere you go
  2. Use it any time – day and night
  3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
  4. Try the shot from the hip
  5. Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible
  6. Don’t think (william firebrace)
  7. Be fast
  8. You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film
  9. Afterwards either
  10. Don’t worry about any rules

What started out spontaneously as an artistic approach to photography in the Vienna underground scene developed into Lomography becoming an international socio-cultural movement using photography as a creative approach to communicating, absorb and capturing the world.
We are in The Digital Age right now, but
watch out because ANALOG is making waves.

OK…Why Lomo then? How is it so different from Digital?

We love the control that digital gives us, the ability to erase that unglam photo, tweak the settings to make a horrible photo perfect, to take and re-take the same angle before choosing the best shot. Super sharp, focused photos detailing even the tiniest strand of hair on your forehead, catching that tiny snowflake falling in the distance.  That is digital. Empowered by those itty-bitty semi-conductors that are partially ‘made in Singapore’, digital cameras have advanced the technology of photography way beyond our imaginations.

Analog on the other hand, goes back to the very roots of photography, before electricity was discovered and people knew how to shrink their techno gadgets to the size of a thumb. Going analog is about journeying to the past, embracing the slightly blurry(or very if you like it that way) unfocused magic of film photography.  Dreamy colour-drenched photos that show so much more than what you see.  It is about casting away the option of failure and looking at it as an unexpected success. When you hold the shutter open too long, or click it twice without advancing the film. Ignore the rules, surprise yourself  and watch as your mistakes may turn out to be your very best pictures.  With lomography, the multitude of options is endless.  Born from pure imagination and creativity, who is to say that you cannot recreate lomography in your way? It is all about what is special to you. Everyone sees lomography differently.
This is my view, what’s yours?

It’s like opening the first page of a book

White and unmarked, the wealth of possibilities stare up at you as your mind processes…..

Lol I got you there didn’t I.
Bet you were thinking…

What the hell??

Haha anyway, enough of the nonsense.
This first post will serve mainly to introduce you to how this site will work, so you can sift out rambling from info-fact (:

7 things you ought to know:

1. This site is ALL ABOUT Lomography.

So if you’re not interested, click back! Or that red little x button
at the top right corner of your screen!
Lol kidding kidding. Even if you mysteriously find your way here do browse through the site
to your heart’s content (;
There’s the categories dropdown list on the sidebar as well as the tag cloud at the footer to guide you to the info thou shalt seek.

2. There are 7 categories in all:

Getting Started
{♥} A must for all aspiring-to-be and already-are lomo beginners. Chock full of details on every single lomo cam available and in production, tips tricks mods and more…

{♥} BEGINNERS: Still don’t get it? Finding trouble understanding the instruction manual? Fear not YouTube is here to save the day! Lol.
{♥} ENTHUSIASTS: Now that you have been initiated into the lomohood, are you looking for MORE excitement? Can’t stand having a camera that looks exactly the same as the hundreds being produced everyday? This is
your page, providing you with how-to-mods, homemade add-ons and an endless array limited only by creativity.

Going Places
{♥} Bummed on where to go to get those awesome shots? Just drop me a comment and I’ll reece the spot, and share my findings right here! Or are you simply burning to share your favorite lomo-spot?
Also includes a comprehensive list of what to bring when you leave the house with a lomo in hand.

Going Pro
{♥} Ready to venture out into the unknown? Why go to photoshops when you can do everything right at home?

Burning Questions Answered
{♥} Got a question? Ask here and you shall be answered.

{♥} Ramblings, rants and announcements
Thy Capital of Nonsense, as generated by jojothemonkey. Endless drabble guaranteed.

LOCCOLOMO’s shop for the lomo locco
{♥} If you want to give your camera A NEW IMAGE but dont know where to start, leave it in my trusty…
With a large variety of customizable lomo-skins, shoulder straps, wrist straps stickers and more, what are you waiting for?!

All posts will be categorized and tagged accordingly so searching for exactly what you need should be a breeze (:

3. Disclaimer: I am NOT a fully fledged lomo enthusiast/expert.

Merely a beginner with too many ideas and no outlet to vent :D
So don’t put me down if I post any incorrect info. Just highlight it and i’ll change it. Constructive comments are very much appreciated (:

4. Introducing….my cameras!

I currently own a Holga GCFN & Diana Dreamer so I’ll only be able to contribute my experiences regarding the two cameras.
I am of course, in the process of adding to my collection (:

5. Credits & such

All the info that I borrow from other sources are credited with a link and if there is something that is uncredited and you are privy to the original source, do drop me a note (:

6. I won’t leave this site to rot!

If you’re subscribed to Loccolomo, expect regular updates (:

7. This last point serves one and only one purpose. Pure self-advertisement. Lol

That’s right, presenting, my self-coined LLLL aka LOCCOLOMO’s shop for the Lomo Locco – Tagline for my blogshop!
Click on the dropdown list of categories on the sidebar to be magically transported to the relevant page.
Oh! The wonders of HTML.

Okay, that’s about all you need to know before you start surfing the site. And if you’re wondering why it’s 7 and not 10 things you ought to know…that’s because I couldn’t think up 3 more points. XD

Stop reading this!! Start clicking!